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No shortage of latest, greatest equipment at PGA Show

by TG_Admin01

For golf equipment geeks, the year’s first golf publications are as highly anticipated as the season’s first warm weather tee time.

The reason?

Hot List, ClubTest and reviews of golf’s newest equipment. The lists are akin to the Grammys for music lovers and Academy Awards for movie fans.

“It’s somewhat difficult to actually quantify how making (Golf Digest’s) Hot List, for example, equates to sales,” said Tim Buckman, director of communications for Callaway Golf. “Let’s just say that it doesn’t hurt to have that acclaim.”

The annual PGA Merchandise Show each January serves as the ideal candy store in which to look at – and try – the year’s newest samplings. The offerings are as vast as they are varied, so what follows is by no means a definitive guide but a perusal of the big, small, and new and improved for 2010.

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