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Military Golf Courses: Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

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Three Eagles Golf Course begins in spectacular fashion. The No. 1 handicapped hole measures just 398 yards and there is no water or any major bunkering to hinder a golfer. But you’ll likely spend 10 minutes on the green. Not necessarily because of the difficulty of the putting surface, but from watching fighter jets take off and land from an unencumbered view.

“No. 1 finishes facing the flight line so that’s certainly a highlight,” Heinrichs said. “You go right down the hangers so you are right in there.”

Another neat touch of Three Eagles is the 150-yard markers, which are mini white jets.

“Part of the drive here is we’re making it better,” Heinrichs said of the layout that has no architect’s name attached to it. “That’s the mentality of our staff here and the mentality of our leadership.

“There is nothing super sexy about this course, but we can surely deliver on a good product and great customer service. We’re shooting at it all – trying to make it all better – our greens, our irrigation, everything.”

The front nine also closes with consecutive par-3s — both over water.

Three Eagles Golf Course (Seymour Johnson Air Force Base)

Architect/Developer: Unknown

Year Opened: 1959

Worth Noting: Fighter jets soar overhead during round. It’s loud and it’s cool.

Best Hole: The 512-yard closing hole, which is guarded by water down the entire right side with a pond crossing the front of the green on a short approach shot. A water tank to the left of the hole with the iconic logo of the base’s three soaring eagles is a neat touch.

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