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Pilot Knob has mountain charm in Piedmont

by TG_Admin01

       It’s close by, but far away. It’s next to a mountain, yet still in the Piedmont. It’s named a park, although really a golf course. And the sign out front says it’s private, except for Monday through Friday, when the public is welcome.

       Pilot Knob Park, a mere 25 miles northwest of Winston-Salem off U.S. 52, is certainly a conundrum, which only adds to the charm of this golfing treat. PKP was built in 1963 as a private club. About a decade ago, that policy was changed to allow public play on weekdays, though nobody bothered to change the sign, which continues to say “private.”

       Nonetheless, golfers somehow find their way to this rolling, hilly layout on the northeast side of the 2,200-foot granite dome that is Pilot Mountain. It’s a picturesque spot, one that general manager/director of golf Tom Gibson wants more people to know about.

       “We are open to the public, which is still news to some people,” Gibson said.

       Architect Gene Hamm designed Pilot Knob Park, and the two share many similarities. Both deliver a quality golf experience; are sometimes overlooked; often underrated; and exist outside the spotlight of modern-day golf architecture.

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