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A solution to your putting woes

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By Jay Allred

Most golfers walk into a golf shop, pick up a putter and start trying to see if they can make a few putts from 10 feet to decide if the flat stick fits their game. In a few months they are in search of another putter, but Edel Golf is trying to change the industry with one custom made putter at a time. David Edel played professionally on several different tours around the country but continually struggled on the greens. In 1996 he founded Edel Golf in an effort to help players with their putting by developing the most precise and comprehensive putter fitting system ever created. Edel’s custom fitted putters are only available through this network of Edel Master Fitters. Edel Golf has highly trained Edel Master Fitters located at several golf facilities across the country as well as a staff of traveling fitters who can schedule fitting sessions in their respective regions. David Edel answers a few questions for Triad Golf Today.

Q: How is an Edel putter fitting different from just picking up putters and trying them out to see which one goes in the hole?

A: An Edel putter fitting not only looks at basic length and lie angle measurements, but also takes into account every piece of the putter, from head shape, to hosel offset, to weight.  Multiple variables are examined to ensure that the putter’s design matches the player’s aim bias and that the weight of the putter promotes proper speed and distance control. A player is also given the ability to customize the putter with their desired finish, stamping and paint colors. Every putter is fully customized, and no two putters that leave the Liberty Hill, Texas, factory are the same.

Q: Most people think it is all about the head design, but more time was spent on figuring out what lines were needed on the putter instead of the head and hosel. Can you explain how much the lines affect a person’s alignment?

A: Every player is different, and at Edel Golf we have over 300 million putter design variations that can be created with our fitting system. The idea is that within those 300 million variations lies a single design that is right for every player. Every head shape, hosel shape, loft, lie angle and alignment line configuration will affect the way that a player aims the putter. Finding the proper fit generally takes an hour or less, but because every player is different, some players respond more to certain variables than others and will need more time to discover their ideal fit. The advantage of the system is that one way or another, every player will arrive at a design that is tailor made for them.

Q: The final part of the fitting was about distance control and the weighting inside the shaft and the clubhead. Can you explain how that affects distance control?

A: The weight of a putter is extremely important for distance control. We are able to manipulate the head weight of the putter within a range of 325 to 370 grams in addition to placing weights within the shaft and near the grip to balance the overall weight and feel of the putter. Finding the proper weight locations throughout the putter matches the touch patterns of every individual player to help with speed control. Think about throwing a baseball to someone; you don’t think about how far to bring your arm back, you simply react based on how far away your target appears to be. With a putter, there is a perception of how much pressure it puts on your hands, and by properly weighting the putter it is easier for the player to simply react to the perceived distance they are trying to roll the ball.

Q: Most quality putters sell around $300 off the shelf. What is the price of an Edel Putter?

A: Our putters cost between $395-$800 depending on the model. The higher price of Edel putters is a function of every club being hand made by several Edel Master Craftsmen. Mass production is not the name of the game for Edel Golf’s custom putters.

Q: Where can I get fitted for an Edel putter?

A: Although there are fitting locations around the country, Rob Gallagher is the Edel Master Fitter for North Carolina. You can find his contact info as well as fitting schedules at edelgolf.com.

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