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Greensboro Country Club Farm Course

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Redesigned Greensboro CC Farm Course exceeds expectations

More than 300,000 cubic yards of dirt got moved in the new layout.  Some 1,300 sprinkler heads went in for a new irrigation system. Rolls of lush sod measuring 24 acres on the fairways and 125 acres in all went down. A winding 5.3 miles of pristine concrete cart paths crisscrossed the scene.  

Amazing numbers, all. But what those figures really add up to is one thing: a fabulous layout and spectacular experience for golfers at Greensboro Country Club’s Farm Course.

“This is a gorgeous piece of property,” said Jim Deaton, the club’s director of golf. “We knew with some changes we would make it better, but we didn’t even expect what we got.”

Perhaps that’s because, as course architect Donald Steel put it in a release from the club, “Such has been the scale of the transformation at the Farm Course that members may not recognize it.”

The 100-year anniversary of Greensboro Country Club became even more special as members flocked to the Farm Course following its Nov. 14 grand opening. The original Carlson Farms Country Club layout, designed by Ellis Maples, was done on a shoestring budget, explained Deaton: “He did a great job with what he had.”

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