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BUYERS GUIDE: Walk This Way: A nationwide demand for walking-engineered golf gear growing

by Jay Allred

As September rolls into the fall golfing season across North Carolina it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifting for the golfer in your life. Triad Golf Today/Triangle Golf Today editor David Droschak is here to help you make that buying decision just a bit easier by providing information on products worth considering. 

From its inception, the Cape premium push cart by Texas-based Walker Trolleys was crafted to be distinctly different than other push carts, drawing inspiration from the roadsters and ultra-cool bicycles from the 1920s and 1930s. Its anodized aluminum frame, waxed canvas storage and handcrafted leather handle combine to create a clean, classic design. The Cape is easily collapsible and fits in the trunk or cargo area of almost any vehicle.

“The response to the Cape has been incredible,” says Walker Trolleys founder and CEO Brad Payne.  “Walking golf and push carts are experiencing a renaissance as golfers realize the health, wellness and fitness benefits. As we round into the fall and cooler weather, we expect demand to further increase.

“People have rediscovered the joy of walking golf during the (COVID-19) pandemic, and we expect this trend to not only continue, but grow,” added Payne. “We are one of only a few push cart companies that has inventory to continue meeting demand. Moving forward, we have positioned the brand well for the future.”

Many areas of the country have experienced record heat over the past month, and the Cape’s upper and lower storage areas allow golfers to conveniently store water bottles, sunscreen, extra towels and other supplies.

As for what’s next, Payne says customizable accessories, foam-filled tires and even an umbrella accessory are in development and will be available in the next few months. A non-folding, storable version of the Cape is in the works, ideal for courses, clubs and resorts in the market for a small push cart fleet that can be nested in a storage unit.

The Cape retails for $399 and is available to order at Walker Trolleys’ online store and will generally ship in 1-2 days. For more information on Walker Trolleys, or to join the walking golf movement, visit walkertrolleys.com


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