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Mental Minute

by TG_Admin01

The Mental Minute

Every word we utter, thought we think, or feeling we have, has a direct impact on our golf game and ultimately the score we shoot. Positive thoughts lead to good outcomes. Negative thoughts create anxiety that result in breakdowns. It is critically important to develop the skill to choose the more empowering mind-set.

Left to its own devices, the brain has a tendency to become scattered, unfocused or dwell on the negative and what-ifs. This is particularly problematic during stressful times or when we leave our comfort zone. When a golfer experiences a busy mind, he or she is unable to play in the zone.

The key is to be self-aware.

Notice the signals that tell you something is out of whack. They can include, self-criticism, doubt, fear, anxiety, getting quick with your hands or dwelling on what is not working. Though the list is long, they all have one thing in common — they all feel lousy. 

By developing self-awareness, you can get really good at catching these danger signals early and minimizing the damage that negative thinking will cause. The sooner you can refocus your attention in the present moment, the quicker you will get back into the zone.

Cultivate your awareness, challenge yourself to keep your mind focused on the positive and enjoy playing to your potential. 

Doug Hodges developed his expertise as a performance coach at La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, Calif. He now offers his ThinkWorkPlay programs at the Heritage Golf Club in Wake Forest and Grandover Resort in Greensboro. All golfers, from the Tour player to novice, now have the opportunity to develop the tools to unlock their potential, have more fun, and lower their scores. To learn more visit www.thinkworkplay.com.

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